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Our knowledge of association management and governance is at your disposal to guarantee a complete website that respects your operational reality.

With a view to offering affordable and studied web platforms for associations and NPOs, we created L’ASSOCIÉ WEB, in 2018. This division assists you from the creation to the maintenance of your digital platforms, combining the expertise accumulated by L’ASSOCIÉ and the expertise of our Web experts.

Why is your website
an important tool?


Be visible and be seen

Use your website as a springboard for brand awareness! As the primary tool of your online presence, your target audience associates the image of your website with what your organization represents and its capabilities. Give yourself the opportunity to become THE reference in your industry.


Manage your business efficiently

A website is much more than just a showcase; it’s an innovative, high-performance business tool that can help you realize your ambitions. A genuine gateway to sound management of your activities, bringing together membership management, activity registration and information distribution in one single tool! Phasellus sagittis, lacus a sagittis scelerisque, enim ligula volutpat ligula, nec pellentesque justo erat vel nisl. Nam malesuada urna vel magna lobortis, et aliquet nunc tristique.


Measure the activities on the Web

By linking statistical data between your social media channels and your website, you can obtain concrete data on the appreciation and popularity of your services and activities.

Custom website

Invest in a website that will meet your every need. Our custom service is designed to deliver a website that matches your operational reality and needs.
We offer you adapted features so that you can manage from a liable space :

  • Your registrations,
  • Your memberships and renewals,
  • Your members’ and non-members’ transactions,
  • Your private areas (members’ areas, Board members’ areas, etc.),
  • Your directories
  • Your articles and more.

As a true turnkey solution, we deliver a complete platform designed for maximum autonomy, allowing you to manage it on your own as you see fit. Our aim is to provide associations and NPOs with sites that help them in their operations without limiting in their ambitions.

We also offer personalized support. Our human-sized company guarantees you a fluid and friendly project management experience. Beyond redesigning your website, our team will listen to your needs and assist you throughout the process.

Request a quote


Asking the right questions before building a website is crucial. At the planning stage, our team will advise you and work with you to define your project strategies and the functionalities that are essential to your business, while developing a schedule taking your challenges into account.

Inclusions :

  • Client meetings
  • Targeting features and technologies
  • Drawing up schedules
  • Drawing up specifications
Graphic design and content inventory

Our graphic designers and copywriters help you harmonize your brand image with your content, enabling you to display your information in an optimal, thoughtful and enjoyable way.

Inclusions :

  • Template creation
  • Possibility of creating or redesigning your logo
  • Our team guarantees that all texts, photos, and videos are researched, compiled, and used (all texts supplied are revised by our proofreaders to provide you with the best possible quality of English).
  • Flexibility in writing: Let us help you create or improve your content.

Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive website that matches your desires, needs, and reality. By combining our experience and the know-how of our programmers, we create customized features that suit you. Over the years, our knowledge of association management has allowed us to create varied modules that adapt to all requests.

Inclusions :

  • Development of 20 pages and more
  • Content integration
  • Implementation of modules (see modules below)
  • Responsive platform management
  • Transactional platform management
  • Natural referencing management
  • Google Analytics 4 Integration
  • Management of the site’s compliance with Web security and data protection laws
  • Uploading (301 redirects creation, media optimization)

We know that being autonomous is important for any association. With this in mind, we do not just deliver a complete and functional website, but we also help you take charge of it.

Services inclus :

  • Checklist for your website’s features
  • 15 hours of training on how to use your website tools

The Web is evolving fast. Throughout the project, and for several weeks after delivery of your website, our team monitor your website and make sure it’s working properly once it’s online.

Découvrir nos modules

Formula event 101

Our Event Formula 101 is our solution for smaller budgets, or special projects. Based on our web team’s simple template, this service creates a functional event website with the necessary features for managing your event.

Keep your web platform in good shape.

Have peace of mind! We also offer a site maintenance service. We update your platform for you, optimize it, and make sure that no bugs occur. This service also includes the annual payment for your hosting, domain, and extensions*.

*Extensions paid for through the Maintenance service are established during agreement signing. 

Our expertise and aptitudes

  • Great knowledge of the associative environment
    At L’ASSOCIÉ, we work for non-profit organism for more than 12 years. We know all the talk about association and event. 
  • Efficient and comprehensive membership management
    We understand how membership works. We are sensible to keep member interested and involved.
  • Expertise in events
    We love to help you achieve big ambition. We think about small thing so that you don’t have to.
  • Offering attentive hearing, supportive aid, and personalized guidance

  • Professionals always up to date with the latest technology
    Giving our clients all opportunities is our way to be.
  • Experts ready to go above and beyond.